Step 1
It’s Time To Apply

You can apply by filling out the Sport Ed Ex application form. It’s important that you provide all the correct information to make the process easier.

There are two ways we can assess your athletic and playing ability. On receipt of your application we may ask you to attend one of our camps or you can provide a link to a highlight video from YouTube within your application. 

If you are submitting your application with a video highlight, please send a link to and make sure that we can easily identify you at all times. The video needs to be high-quality and clear for our coaches to watch back.

We still need you to submit your application to start the process. At this stage we would like to point out that you will only be applying for the Sports Programme.

Later down the line you will need to also apply through Richmond American University London for the academic side. We will monitor your progress on both of these and let you know what’s needed at each step of the process.

Step 2
Sport EDEX Sports Assessment

After submitting your application form, we usually need 1–3 days to process your application and determine if you meet the requirements to join us both sporting and academic.

If you have been accepted, congratulations, it’s time to get excited. Unfortunately, from time-to-time we may decline applications. This may be down to what’s needed for our programme [entry requirements, such as GPA, not meeting the required grade].

Step 3
Apply To The Academic Program, [Through CommonApp]

Apply to the Richmond American University London Academic Program here

There is a $50 charge for every application. Try and send all the information required, as accurately and quickly as possible. You will need to send the following documents for the university application process:

  • Unofficial high school transcript/college transcript
    (we also need a copy of your up-to-date passport)
  • IELTs Certificate (You will only need to send this if you are not from any of these major English-speaking Countries: Antigua and Barbuda, Australia, the Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Canada, Dominica, Grenada, Guyana, Ireland, Jamaica, New Zealand, St Kitts and Nevis, St Lucia, St Vincent and the Grenadines, Trinidad and Tobago, United Kingdom and USA)
  • All required Medical Certificates required by the University Process

Once you have submitted your university application, Sport Ed Ex will be able to monitor your application. There may be additional information needed, however this is usually not the case.

Step 4
Receive Your Conditional Offer To The Academic Programme

Richmond American University London will process your application.

If for some reason you think this is taking longer than usual, please contact us with your concerns. We would expect this process to take anywhere between 3–6 weeks, depending on application demands.

Once your application has been processed and all the information has been checked and verified, you will receive your conditional offer – congratulations, you’re now one step closer to earning a dual accredited US/UK degree.

Step 5
Complete The Offer Acceptance To Secure Your Place On The Sport EdEx Programme

When you’re at the stage of having both applications accepted, you will need to accept and secure your spot on the Sport Ed Ex programme as soon as possible.

We will send you an acceptance letter which includes a £1,000 non-refundable deposit. Upon your acceptance, you will need to send these funds across to Sport Ed Ex. This £1,000 payment secures your place on the programme.

The £1,000 non-refundable charge goes towards the sports programme fee.

Step 6
Understand And Sort Out Your Finances

Hopefully, you may have already considered this before you apply.

We will have provided the cost for our programme fee and listed what’s included whilst you study, train and play at Sport Ed Ex.

There are different options available for UK and International students to fund their enrolment at Sport Ed Ex, we use the main providers such as Student Finance England and FAFSA. We find some parents prefer to self fund, which is perfectly accepted. Here are the funding options for enrolling:

– Apply for your FAFSA loans using school code [      ]

– Self Funding – you’ll know the programme fee

– [Apply for your Sallie Mae loan – we accept this loan provider]

– [Apply for GI Billing – we accept GI Billing]

We are here to help you at every step of the process. If you have any questions about FAFSA or self funding, or any other payment method, please contact us for assistance. We would like to mention that unfortunately Richmond American University London does not offer scholarships for international students, however if you’re a UK student looking to join the Sport Ed Ex programme, then you may be eligible for a £3,085 scholarship discount.

Step 7
Unconditional Letter

Once we have received your signed and sealed official high school transcript after your graduation, you will then be sent your unconditional letter of acceptance. At this stage we have to check to make sure you were graded as we thought during your exams and that you still meet the requirements to join.

Step 8
CAS Number Issued And VISA Application

After your unconditional letter, you will be issued your CAS number. Your CAS number is important, please keep this safe.

You can use this number to start the VISA application. If you’re an international student studying in the UK, you are required by law to obtain your Tier 4 Student VISA. This visa entitles you to study in the UK at a higher education level.

By obtaining your VISA, you will also need to pay a healthcare surcharge, however this means when you’re in the UK with Sport Ed Ex you will be covered for healthcare on the NHS. Currently, the cost for your VISA and health surcharge for 4 years is approximately £2,500.

You will need to make this payment when you apply for your VISA. If you’re a UK born student, you may not need a VISA or have to pay any healthcare surcharges. You can contact us if you need to know more.

Step 9
Welcome To The Sport Ed Ex Family

You’ve nearly arrived in London and we can’t wait to welcome you into your chosen sporting and academic centre of excellence. We look forward to seeing you on the pitch and the classroom!