Sport Ed Ex combines the provision of performance coaching and playing pathways in Rugby, Hockey and Netball for aspiring athletes aged 18 and over with the unique opportunity to study a variety of dual accredited degree courses (UK/US) at the outstanding Richmond University London UK.

The athlete’s sports programme will run alongside his or her chosen full-time degree courses. Intro from Uni, Directors and coaches.

The Sport Ed Ex team has observed that current rugby coaching delivery methods and the development of players (at all levels and all age groups) appears to be solely focussed on the ultimate outcome of becoming a professional player. Sport Ed Ex methods focus on a combination rugby to develop concepts and character development in order for the athlete to be the best he or she can be.

Accordingly, this is a perfect time to offer an alternative approach from: (i) the normal professional academies who can display the same mantra of a the single pathway of becoming a professional player for their club; and (ii) other universities who cannot offer the quality and flexibility offered by the duel accredited degree status of Richmond American University.

Sport Ed Ex’s view is that the ultimate ambition or outcome any player or parent should seek from the game is to develop the skills which are fundamental to all sportsmen and women so that the player can utilise those skills howsoever he or she decides (whether on the sports field or off it – whether that be as professional player, coach or in the corporate world). Sport Ed Ex’s ultimate ambition is to produce good people and give them the opportunity to become professional athletes or a success in their chosen field.

“Good People become successful athletes both on and off the sports field.”

In order to fulfil both ambitions, Sport Ed Ex believes continuing to combine performance sport with academia is vital – and yes you can and should do both!

Directors and World Class Coaches

Sam Howard

Mike Friday

Mark Butcher

Stephen Shortland