Our approach & philosophy

Sport Ed Ex provides performance training and playing pathways for athletes built on the foundation of an excellent and unique education.

Combining outstanding education, coaching and sporting pathways for aspiring athletes aged 18+ from across the globe.

The Sports Ed Ex

The Sport Ed Ex programme provides its athletes (men and women) with the opportunity to combine working full time with world class coaches and mentors and a wide range of playing opportunities and pathways (in the UK, US and beyond) to match each athlete’s ability and personality with an outstanding educational programme which offers students the unique opportunity to graduate with a dual accredited (UK/US) degree. This dual accreditation provides the level of flexibility for our UK, US and International athletes to transfer credits into the Sport Ed Ex programme from their existing US University or earn credits which can be transferred back to their elected US University.

Sport Ed Ex Principles

Its about ‘Team You’, your progress, happiness and wellbeing.


the experience, playing your game, the sporting culture, and your academic pursuits in the capital city of England UK.


through the pillars of sports support and the excellent educational opportunities available.


on the highly competitive UK and world stage in the sport of your choice and in the lecture room.

Our Philosophy

With dedicated support, we believe passionately in developing character, personality, resilience, and confidence to enable our athletes to not only fulfil their sporting potential but also assist our athletes to fulfil their potential in the classroom and into adult life. Whatever the individual’s ambition is in the playing arena, or outside of it, we believe in developing people through the combination of sporting and academic excellence.

Sport Ed Ex provides its athletes with the opportunity to train, learn and perform in a professional and highly competitive environment supported by highly qualified coaches and tutors, strength and conditioning experts, sports psychologists, nutritionists, analysts and a medical team.

Our Approach

We follow athlete centred development, coaching and educational methods throughout all aspects of the Sport Ed Ex programme from technical coaching to sports science to participation and teaching in the lecture theatres.

Our Style

The Sport Ed Ex team recognise the importance of combining sporting excellence and academic acumen and accordingly, our style concentrates on behavioural development and is designed to ensure each of our athletes becomes the best version of themselves in all that they do. We encourage and guide our athletes to become confident, creative, self-aware decision makers and self-organisers. We focus on development of the individual and allow the results to take care of themselves. 


Our Aim

Our aim is to provide a developmental environment which allows each of our athletes to fulfil their potential on and off the sports field and to develop “good people” and therefore good athletes.