Sport Ed Ex combines the provision of performance coaching and playing pathways in Rugby, Hockey and Netball for aspiring athletes aged 18 and over with the unique opportunity to study a variety of dual accredited degree courses (UK/US) at the outstanding Richmond University London UK.

The athlete’s sports programme will run alongside his or her chosen full-time degree courses. Intro from Uni, Directors and coaches.

Sport Ed Ex

Sport Ed Ex provides a full time sports and academic platform for aspiring athletes from all over the world to work with some of the best coaches and perform on the UKs highly competitive sporting landscape.

With dedicated support, we believe passionately in developing character, personality, resilience, and confidence which enable Sport Ed Ex athletes to not only fulfill their sporting potential but also assist our athletes to fulfill their potential in the classroom and beyond.take further steps in sport and adult life. Whatever the athletes’ ambition in the playing arena, or outside it, is, we believe in developing people through sporting and academic excellence.

We provide the opportunity for athletes to train and perform in a professional and highly competitive environment which is supported by highly qualified technical coaches, strength and conditioning coaches, sports psychologists, nutritionists, analysts and a medical team.